Stepping From Behind the Curtain

Things in life have shifted, and with it has my focus. Moving to New Orleans 2 years ago, and seeing the need for musicians’ professional services, I put aside my own life-long music career to help the amazing musicians in this city with their own. Now that I’m back to the manuscript paper and bandstand, I don’t know how I ever left it.

I’m still in the infancy period where I am overly excited about everything I am participating in, so I have my work with the Symphony Chorus of New Orleans, guest appearances with seasoned artists and in sacred settings, as well as my own gigs featured here: all of them, in my opinion, worth checking out!

I would like to give a special shout-out to Kevin Thayer, who created my new, amazing logo. His work is phenomenal, and you can find him live painting at music events around New Orleans on a regular basis.

Thank you New Orleans, as well, for teaching me what music really means and helping me reconnect to the true meaning of musical expression.

Stay tuned as the website develops and content is added!