48 Videos, Audio, Lyrics, Credits, and Scores

Posted on Dec 25, 2017 in Campaign, Updates

48 Videos, Audio, Lyrics, Credits, and Scores

Well, my friends, the Song of the Month club concludes next week. Thanks to all of you who subscribed.

For those of you who missed it, I am offering all of the videos, audio, lyrics, credits, (and scores for the musician option) in one fell swoop for the same subscription prices until the album is released in a few months.

Choose a Subscription Setting:


When will I get my song?

Within 24 hours of your purchase, you’ll receive an email (to the email you give when you pay) for further instructions.

This club has been around since February 2017. Can I still subscribe?

Absolutely! Your password will give access to all the files that came in the previous months.

How do I know when the next song is ready?

I will email you with the new links the minute each new song and video is ready for you.

Can I just buy the album or one song alone?

Not yet. Subscribers are receiving this music before anyone else and before it’s even promoted. Eventually you will be able to, but not until the members get all their special treatment.

Why do you need my address?

Before the album is released, I’ll be sending you a bonus track and mailing you a special thank you gift.

Can I subscribe someone else to this club?

Sure! Just make sure in the special notes to include his/her(their) name(s), address(es), and email(s).

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Merry Christmas!

Posted on Dec 14, 2017 in Updates

Merry Christmas!

Well, the Song of the Month year has ended (although you can still sign up to get all the goodies in one fell swoop). I’m still waiting for lots of stuff to share… But can I hold you over with this? It’s a song Joe Scatassa and I wrote about where elves come from. Stay tuned for lots of exciting news in the upcoming year.

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Song of the Month Club

Posted on Mar 2, 2017 in Campaign, Updates

Song of the Month Club

I’m so excited to FINALLY share with you my musical work of the past few years. But I’m only releasing it to my new “Song of the Month” club members over a period of 9 months. It is my baby, after all.

Click to become a member.

I am so grateful to all of you who have supported me through this process over the past few years. I hope you like the finished product as much as I do.

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