Winter Holiday Song

Posted on Dec 21, 2016 in Campaign, GromKo. Music, Media, Updates

Winter Holiday Song

I thought as a gift this year, I’d let you hear a holiday song I wrote a while back with my mischievous friend, Joe Scatassa. I hope you enjoy.

I can’t wait to share what’s in store for you next year…

“Three Strikes and You’re Elf”
Composed by: Sarah Gromko and Joseph Scatassa (©2012 GromKo. Music/Skullsound) Recorded by: Sarah Gromko and Brian Seeger
Mixed and Mastered by: Marc Lacuesta (℗2015 GromKo. Music)

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Help Fund My Album!

Posted on Apr 15, 2015 in Campaign, Media, Updates

Help Fund My Album!

I rarely post twice in 2 months, but I have some big news that I’ve got to reiterate. If you’re short on time, please just click here to watch the 58 second video.

For those of you who don’t know, I am raising money to record the fully composed and orchestrated sequel album of Convert Augustine, I’m calling Consummate Augustine. It’s been done for a while. I just need to get it recorded. So guess what? I’m crowdfunding.

For those of you (super generous) who have already given THANK YOU! I only have another month to reach the minimal recording cost (for musicians, producer, studio, etc.) that will allow me to get started.

That means, if I don’t reach the minimum goal by May 17, those who are counting on receiving their chosen “perks” will not be able to receive them, and I will have to refund them. BUT, if we reach it early, I can start sending out the perks early

Here are some of the “perks”:

  • Choose-Your-Own Adventure Video Series
  • Singing Telegram
  • A full song I write just for you
  • Personalized Tour of New Orleans.
  • Music Lessons
  • Bound Scores of the Albums
  • Time in the Studio
  • Thank You and Executive Credit
  • Home Concerts
  • All people who contribute $25 or more will get the dual, digital album of Convert Augustine and Consummate Augustine.

Asking for money is never easy, and I know you’re not all busting at the seams. So if you can’t give, keep it on the tip of your tongue to others we know? I don’t have everyone’s info.

It’s weird and humbling to not be in control over the fate of this album. I hope you can help.


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New Album, Video Series, and Then Some

Posted on Mar 17, 2015 in Media, Updates

New Album, Video Series, and Then Some

Finally a New Album?

I bit the bullet and started an IndieGogo Campaign with lots of stuff to buy to fund a new album (including presales of the actual album).

I will finally record this long-awaited sequel only if this campaign reaches its goal in the next 2 months. So check it out, and tell your generous friends ASAP!

Fridays at Pearl Wine Co.

Pearl PosterThanks to the generosity of the owner, in addition to my regular Friday-night residency at Pearl Wine Co. (8:30-10:30pm), first Fridays of the month now feature my Rhythmic Tricks.

We’ll still do my originals and arrangements every week, but the first Fridays bring a heavier version. Up-and-comer Brad Webb is the steady rock on drums, while we experiment with new sounds for the layers above him.

The 2nd week of Jazz Fest, Jason Isaac will be coming in from New York to sub for him while his old pal from Afroskull, Bill Richards, holds it down on bass.

Video Series on Facebook

Video SeriesSome of you are familiar with my aversion to cameras. To conquer my fear, I have launched a video series on Facebook. Once a month I put up a home video of me performing.

To witness this year-long transformation from ‘fraidy cat to maybe just cat, like my Facebook page.

(Shout out to my piano teacher, Meghan Swartz!)

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2014 (P)recap

Posted on Dec 8, 2014 in Media, Updates

2014 (P)recap

Thank you for such a wonderful year! I must say I am quite looking forward to getting serious this Advent season as I perform/compose more contemplative and sacred music. You can get the minute information on all of the performances (such as venue, date, time) on the Upcoming Events page.

Lessons and CarolsJesuit Church Image

Sunday December 14th, at 3pm, come out to the Jesuit Church for Lessons and Carols. This is a traditional FREE event of the season (open to all), in which seasonal liturgical readings are matched to musical selections.

Christmas Midnight Mass

I am once again honored to have one of my compositions performed at Christmas Midnight mass at the New Orleans Jesuit Church. I will also be singing with the choir. The music begins at 11:30pm on the 24th and goes into the wee hours once we can finally legitimately say, “Merry Christmas!”

NOVA: Luceat

One of the most significant things to happen to me this year was being accepted into New Orleans Vocal Arts Chorale (or NOVA). This is an unsurpassed group of singers who would shame any musician in this city just being in their presence. My first concert with them is Sunday, December 21st, at 7:30pm, at Holy Name Church at Loyola University. I cannot wait to experience this. It will be unlike anything you have witnessed before. The live experience is inexplicable, but listen to a bit here.

Old U.S. Mint Recap

My 6-piece ensemble’s taping at the Old U.S. Mint in November was such a success. Many thanks to those of you who came out! Your presence made all the difference. Here’s a little taste of the result.

Sarah Gromko Trio Every Friday

Of course, my jazz trio still plays every Friday from 8-10pm at Pearl Wine Co. Catch us in the last weeks of the year as we add more holiday tunes. You will always be able to hear my originals in the 2nd set, after we warm you up with some fun arrangements of jazz standards in the 1st. Remember, Christmas doesn’t START until December 25th, and continues to 12th Night, so don’t expect me to cut out the sacred stuff on the 26th… 😉

Hopefully I’ll see you before Christmas is through!

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Fridays and Video

Posted on Feb 19, 2014 in Media

Fridays and Video

This year is off to a nice bang!

I’m now officially at Pearl Wine Co. every Friday, where I’ll continue feature the talents of a nice array musicians. The first since it became official will be with the unsurpassedly funky Joe Ashlar.

I’m having a great time playing with some musicians I only dreamed I’d ever collaborate with. Check back frequently for updates… If you’d like to be personally updated on a monthly (maximum) basis, please sign up for my newsletter where I try to give a treat each month.

In the meantime, Music at the Mint has featured video from one of my performances from their February 7th concert this year. Tom Hook accompanied one of my favorite old standards. I hope you enjoy it!

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It’s New Orleans Podcast

Posted on Nov 9, 2013 in Media

It’s New Orleans Podcast

I had the pleasure of participating in the It’s New OrleansHappy Hour” podcast with Grant Morris, this past Thursday. I did a couple of tunes with Jenna McSwain and Trey Boudreaux, and hilarity ensued. I swear I only had 3 sips of that cocktail the whole show. That’s just how much I laugh, in general. Click below to open the pop-up audio player.

Antibiotic Bunheads

NOLA queen of social media Champ Superstar, comedian Cyrus Cooper, tour guide/DJ Johnny Ray, musician Sarah Gromko and troubador Andrew Duhon explore teen TV, drug-resistant gonorrhea, and the qualities not shared by Miley Cyrus and Jesus.
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