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  • New Album, Video Series, and Then Some

    New Album, Video Series, and Then Some

    Sarah Gromko’s IndieGogo Campaign has lots of stuff to buy to fund a new album (including presales of the actual album). Album Campaign VideoI will finally record this long-awaited sequel only if this campaign reaches its goal in May 2015. So check it out, and tell your generous friends ASAP!

  • 2014 (P)recap

    2014 (P)recap

    Sarah Gromko’s December 2014 performances includes sacred concerts with NOVA Chorale and New Orleans’s Jesuit Church, a Christmas composition featured at Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church’s Midnight Mass, and the Sarah Gromko Trio every Friday at Pearl Wine Co.

  • Be a Part of our Live Taping

    Be a Part of our Live Taping

    The full band, GromKo.’s Rhythmic Tricks, will be taping live at the Old U.S. Mint (New Orleans) on Saturday, November 8 from 8-9:30pm.

  • May Fun

    May Fun

    Festival ends and “summer” starts with a bang with Sarah Gromko.

  • How to Pace (and Cool) Yourself During Fest

    How to Pace (and Cool) Yourself During Fest

    Festival season is upon New Orleans. It gets hot, and it’s hard to find a place get off your feet and listen to music in a comfortable atmosphere. I aim to fix that for you.

  • Fridays and Video

    Fridays and Video

    This year is off to a nice bang! I’m now officially at Pearl Wine Co. every Friday, where I’ll continue feature the talents of a nice array musicians. In the meantime, check out the video of one of the songs I performed at Music at the Mint on February 7th.

  • It’s New Orleans Podcast

    It’s New Orleans Podcast

    I had the pleasure of participating in the It’s New Orleans “Happy Hour” podcast with Grant Morris, this past Thursday. I sing a couple of original tunes, but mostly I laugh. A lot.